A Leader in Quality Assurance and Quality Control

At Kind Roots Botanicals, we specialize in High Grade Cannabidiol (CBD) Extraction utilizing only the greenest methods. Our High Grade CBD Oil is oil extracted from the finest industrial hemp plants cultivated on our farm in the State of Colorado.

Our plants are specifically bred to produce the highest levels of CBD and other cannabinoids. Some of our products feature the resulting broad-spectrum concentrate, while others require more refined oils and isolates.

Every product that leaves our facility has a batch number which can be used to find a full set of 3rd-party Certificates of Analysis (COA’s). These tests include analyses for potential microbial life, mold, heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and the complete cannabinoid profile.

A Leader in Extraction and Refinement

Our extraction and refinement processing and manufacturing meet the same strict requirements as followed in the pharmaceutical industry and are proud of our recent GMP certification. At Kind Roots Botanicals, CBD oil is extracted from the industrial hemp plant by using cryo-cooled ethanol as an extracting solvent and end-to-end cryo conditions to achieve true full spectrum oil profiles. Thus not harming the plant’s natural entourage of phytochemicals, and achieving a “clean” extract.

Our extraction and refinement process parameters are optimized for industry-leading levels of CBD recovery and extracts CBD and other cannabinoids ONLY from non-GMO Hemp.

A philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation is a hallmark of Kind Roots Botanicals embraced by our botanists, technicians, chemists, master extractors, and purification specialists alike.