All of our Industrial Hemp is Grown Naturally.

All of our non-GMO hemp is sustainably grown, pesticide and insecticide free, following organic and biodynamic standards. These growing practices protect natural ecosystems and avoid contamination of the local insect populations, topsoil, groundwater and runoff. This assures that not only is our oil made from the most natural uncontaminated plant matter possible, but our hemp fields are enriching the earth and not depleting it.


We deliver an unmatched consistency with our products due to our proprietary growing process and the strength of our genetics. The extraneous materials left in our extracts are greatly minimized allowing us to maximize our ability to offer highly concentrated and effective products.

Classic industrial hemp is produced for fiber or seed, whereas our genetics were specifically bred for phytocannabinoid content. Kind Roots Botanicals has been selectively breeding unique strains of hemp for years, while developing the standard for industry-leading CBD rich concentrations.